Leeds Northside Pharmacy
2729 Outer Drive | Sioux City, Iowa 51104 | 712.239.2051


Leeds Northside Pharmacy is locally owned, locally managed, and is located in Sioux City, Iowa.
We are extremely proud of our awards and recognition for being one of the best locally owned pharmacy chains in the U.S.
The Leeds Northside Pharmacy is at home in new facilities. We have undergone a significant augmentation of our professional staff which has helped our team of pharmacists to more easily provide one of our established and respected hallmarks...
individual care and concern for each prescription customer.

We have a rapidly expanding list of prescription customers...a list that has continued to grow over the many years.
This growth can be attributed to our fast and concise prescription preparation.

NOTE: Our pharmacists are always ready to answer your questions or to visit with you about any concern that you may have regarding your prescribed medications. Your physician, your pharmacy, and YOU are all on the same team, a team that has only one goal.... Your improved health, happiness, and well being.

We take important steps to make sure that prescriptions and service are foremost. Prescriptions are, our main business! We provide online refill services with options for your personal preference such as... deliver, pickup, or mail-out.

Our new website is mobile friendly as you may have already noticed if you are viewing our pages with a mobile phone.

As a HealthMart® pharmacy we have tremendous buying power and can offer you the best for less. You are safe to anticipate greater savings on prescriptions and over the counter brands.
These are the highest quality generics at substantial savings. Check out the HealthMart® brand with competing products.
Compare ingredients and price. You will quickly ascertain that the savings are significant.
Those significant savings are something that will be noted by thrifty household managers!

We run digital banner ads on SiouxlandFirst.com which is part of the City News Guide Information Network. We subscribe to the principle of shopping and buying locally for the purpose of enriching our local communities. We also believe in business reciprocity.
All special sales and promotions are posted on our website. The "Savings Club" is a texting feature that offers up to the second manager's specials for club members.

The popular MasoN® vitamin line offers monthly specials with substantial savings.
There is a special page on our website for the MasoN® specials.

We design our pages for easy viewing to assist those folks with limited or impaired vision.
Our Webmaster tests for compatibility throughout the spectrum of phones and browsers.

We would like to remind you that all store merchandise including sale items, can be delivered 'Free of Charge' with any new prescription order or refill.
Without a new or refill prescription order a modest delivery fee is applicable.
All in all, it's a wonderful value in service and convenience for you.

Prescription refills can be easily accomplished on-line. If you prefer, call our pharmacy directly at 239-2051.
If you are ready to transfer your prescriptions to Leeds Northside Pharmacy, then give us a call with the prescription details.
We will do everything else to make the switch for you.
Just call us, and your prescription order will be ready for pickup or FREE delivery.

Thousands of folks consider the electronic prescription ordering to be an indispensible convenience.
Especially true, when speed and privacy are important.
Come in soon to aquaint yourself with what a full service pharmacy and modern drugstore is all about.
We look forward to seeing you soon!