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About Caring

At Leeds Northside Pharmacy we really care about you.
You are so much more than just another prescription number.
You are a customer 'friend'.
Of foremost concern is everything that is required for your health and well being.

If you have a question about your prescription medications or any other concerns
please feel free to ask us for help, information, and advice.
Know this...
There are three essential elements in prescription management and care...
Your Doctor, Your Pharmacist and YOU!
Never hesitate to ask us questions because we are here to help you and to verify that
every element of professional prescription preparation and privacy are strictly maintained.


Direct to our pharmacy:

-Prompt Prescription Processing-

Most prescription orders are ready in less than ten minutes!
-Drive-Up Window-

Time in Sioux City:
"Sioux City"

Comprehensive Care

The Leeds North Side Pharmacy is a fully staffed professional pharmacy that specializes in providing individual care and concern for each prescription customer.
This dedication is enhanced by our well over 200 years of combined experience. This experience is your assurance of the very finest in pharmacy services.
Leeds Northside Pharmacy has a large staff of professional pharmacists because prescriptions and prompt prescription services are always a priority.
At Leeds Pharmacy you are more than a prescription number, you are a customer 'friend' that will benefit from our experience, professional expertise, and dedication to excellence.

Our pharmacists are always ready to answer your questions or visit with you about any concerns that you may have regarding your prescribed medications.
Your physician, your pharmacist and YOU are all on the same team, a team that has only one goal...
intimate dedication to your health, happiness and well being.
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Home Health Care

Our Home Health Care Department is very complete with a variety of items. Upon your first visit you will discover that we have a full inventory of wheelchairs, walkers, specialized canes, lift chairs, commodes, shower & bath aids, shopping carts, shoes, compression hosiery, including a complete assortment of diabetic aids and supplies.
There is always useful advice from any one of our friendly, and knowledgeable, home health care specialists.

We have candies, and beautiful gift items such as, exquisite glassware, novelties, appliances and tasteful appointments for seasonal decorating and entertaining. There is a large card shop featuring the Carlton line of greeting cards.
You will find Cards for all occasions.

Our pharmacy and variety store is open every day including Sunday. We provide FREE prescription delivery 5 X' Daily!... Monday thru Friday.

Greeting Cards For All Occasions

Selecting the perfect card!

Make your selection from thousands of cards!

The perfect card is here for you to select!

No matter what the occasion you will find the perfect card.

We are committed to buying locally!
See our banners on
SiouxlandFIRST Subscribing to the principle of buying locally

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